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Easy access to capital is the freedom to grow and operate your business. That’s why from day one, we’re here to help you finance that vision how you see best fit. With the addition of credit and analytics tools, tento is an all-in-one platform to help you achieve your business goals.

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You know your business best. We’re just here to support it. Whether it’s working capital to meet payday requirements, or attractive financing for a new capital expenditure, you’re covered.


Make better decisions with data-driven insights.

Knowledge is only power if you know how to use it. We dig into the data to recommend the financial products which are best suited to help you succeed, and the analytics to help understand it all.

Do well, earn rewards

Earn access to even better financing when you pay on time.

High risk, high reward? More like low APR, high reward. No good financial behavior goes unnoticed, so as you continue to make payments on time, we’ll recommend the best possible financing as it becomes available.

Everything you need to know in one dashboard.

Manage your business finances with software you’ll actually enjoy using.

Trusted by some of the most recognized platforms to finance the future of SMB’s

Why tento?

We’re here to make financing as frictionless as possible and to give you the tools needed to build a healthy, thriving business.


100+ years of combined lending experience


Unique, real-time customer insights


Working capital and equipment financing offers multiple credit options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to see if I pre-qualify for financing? Yes! We pre-qualify applicants for purchases all the time. You just need to complete the application as the first step.
Why use financing when I can pay in full? Financing allows your business to make smaller installment payments rather than fork out a large chunk of cash. The process helps manage all important cash flow and delivers predictability into your monthly expenses. There’s also a variety of tax benefits eligible for qualifying purchases.
How is tento different from other lenders? tento is faster than a bank and more efficient than a merchant cash advance. We can deliver approval decisions within 2 hours of receiving your application, and we consider the whole picture of your business - not just your credit score. We want to know how your business operates and what financing will serve you best.
How is tento different than a bank? Getting approved for a bank loan can take weeks, require large down payments with restrictive covenants, and over-collateralize your business assets. tento’s financing is typically deployed in hours and requires no down payment or additional collateral.
Do you fund startups? You bet.
Do you pull my credit? We're here to help - not hurt - so we do a soft inquiry on your personal credit as to not impact your FICO score. Our goal is to enhance your credit, not hurt it.
Is my information secure? Yes. Yes. Yes. Privacy is no joke. We take our privacy policy very seriously and never share your information.
Is there an obligation to apply? Absolutely not. But we'd like to like to help find a loan option that works for your business.
How long is the process? You'll get approval within minutes and get funding within 1 to 2 days after we receive your signed documentation. We know your business needs funding now - not later. We’re not here to waste your time.
Is this going to be difficult? Nope. And that's because we’ve engineered a solution to traditional financing that makes the process as simple and easy for you as possible.

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